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Volunteer Agreement


Volunteer Agreement

 By providing my electronic signature, I agree that I accept and understand the following items pertaining to my enrollment in OReGO, Oregon's Road Usage Charge Program: 


  1. My application is subject to ODOT approval.
  2. ODOT must operate the Road Usage Charge Program according to the laws of the state of Oregon. I have full access to those laws via these links: Oregon Revised Statutes, Sections 319.883 - 319.945 and Oregon Administrative Rules, Chapter 731 Division 90. OReGO’s Mileage Reporting Option (MRO) is synonymous with Mileage Reporting Method as defined in Oregon Administrative Rules.
  3. My personally identifiable information is protected by law.

Reporting / Managing Account

  1.  I am responsible for reporting my miles. emovis is acting on my behalf. If my chosen Mileage Reporting Option (MRO) fails, I will still be responsible for reporting, and paying for, the miles I have driven.
  2.  I will report all MRO problems and/or statement errors promptly to emovis.
  3.  I am responsible for the replacement costs of any device associated with the MRO if I lose, intentionally damage, or fail to return the device.
  4.  I have the right to see and review my account and all data associated with it.
  5.  If I find errors in my account information, I can contact emovis to correct those errors.
  6.   I am responsible for the safe operation of my enrolled vehicle(s). If any safety concerns arise that may relate to my MRO, I will take precautions to ensure my safety and report the issue promptly to emovis.


  1. I will pay the road usage charge in accordance with the rate specified in ORS 319 for miles driven during the entire time I am enrolled in the OReGO program. I understand that fuels tax credits will automatically be applied to my account with the rate specified as a credit against road usage charge incurred.
  2.  There may be a slight variance (+/- 5%) in the mileage and fuel consumption data that is collected via the MRO. My mileage will be rounded to the nearest tenth of a mile, and my fuel consumption will be rounded to the nearest hundredth of a gallon.

a.     If emovis is unable to obtain accurate fuel consumption readings via the MRO, emovis may calculate fuels tax credits based on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) combined MPG rating of my vehicle (or best available value per program policy.)

b.    The MPG rating value is an estimate and may not exactly match my actual fuel usage.

  1.   emovis does not provide location data to ODOT. If I want to obtain an additional refund for non-taxable (non-public in-state) road miles that do not appear on my account, I must submit trip records to ODOT on ODOT’s form. A PDF version is available online. I can also request a customized form from ODOT.

a.     If I request a refund for non-taxable miles driven in Oregon, I will provide the name and/or general location of the road(s) upon which I drove. ODOT may request other supporting information.

b.    ODOT will determine whether miles driven on each road are eligible for the refund, and ODOT's determination is final.

  1.     If I am late paying my account, or if I try to engage in fraud, I may be subject to penalties and interest.
  2.   I will inform ODOT within three days if I fuel with B20 (a type of diesel fuel) or with any other type of fuel for which fuels tax has not been applied.

Changes in Vehicle Status

  1.  I will inform emovis if my vehicle is being serviced for more than a week.
  2.  If I know that my vehicle will be stored, not driven, or otherwise unavailable to transmit data for 30 consecutive days or longer, I will notify emovis ahead of time.
  3.  I will inform emovis within five days of the incident if my vehicle becomes ineligible to be enrolled in the program (i.e. stolen, totaled, sold, etc.)



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